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I Never Received My Order. What Can I Do?

We apologize if your order did not arrive within the estimated delivery times.

What You Can Do:

  • Look for tracking information in your shipping confirmation email, or log into your account and select Order History. Use any tracking information you find to track your order.
  • Check with family members, neighbors, co-workers, a building manager, or others who may have accepted your order if you were not at home during a delivery attempt.
  • In your absence, the delivery carrier may have placed your order somewhere near your door, but out of plain view. Look for your order in out-of-the-way places such as a back door, garage, or behind bushes
  • If you still cannot locate your past-due order, contact our customer service department for assistance. If you choose to email and not call, please provide us with the date of the event the ordered item(s) will be used for.
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2018-06-21 00:11
Lex Dreitser
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