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Carrier vendor instructions


For Vendors Shipping From All States to New Jersey


June 2015

DM asks your cooperation and compliance with the following routing instructions. Our Traffic Management Program is designed to provide Costume SuperCenter with the best overall rates and service.  Non-compliance with these instructions or unauthorized use of non-listed carriers will result in a chargeback for any additional costs charged to Costume SuperCenter (CSC).


Instructions: All shipments must clearly mark each carton with shipper and consignee name, shipping address, the CSC purchase order number (one PO per carton), UPC code, item case pack, number of total cartons shipped and carton number. (UPS cartons must have tracking label on each carton).


Indicate the total number of cartons, number of pallets and the purchase order number(s) on our carrier’s Bill of Lading. 


 Freight must be Palletized & Shrink Wrapped using standard pallet dimensions - At All Times. No Exceptions.  Combine multiple orders on one Bill of Lading when shipping to the same address. Pallets containing multiple POs must be stacked and sorted by PO.


Master cartons must contain number of inner cartons (if applicable) and quantity noted on outside of master carton. One case pack per item and any partial cases must be clearly marked.



***The Costume     SuperCenter client code (CS37) must be     included in the Customer # section of the Bill of Lading***







All Delivery request require an appointment and are to be scheduled by phone by contacting Mark Scully (732) 486-1000 x179





Shipments under 300 lbs. – (Individual cartons must not exceed 50 lbs.)                

United Parcel Service

Use UPS Shipper # A55E91- Ship Freight Collect



LTL - 300 lbs to 6,000 lbs.:  If more than 6 pallets, over 650 cubic ft. or Class 250 or above call DM Transportation for routing – 888-399-0162




Bill charges to:    




c/o DM Transport Mgmt. Srvcs.


P.O. Box 621


Boyertown, PA 19512


Customer Number: CS37




Shipping from:                                                                New England Motor Freight

CT, MA, ME, NH, NY, RI, VA, VT, ON & QC                         (866) 528-6363


Shipping from:                                                                 Ward Trucking

DE, MD, NJ, OH & PA                                                        (800) 526-9273


Shipping from:     Direct Points Only                                  YRC Freight

All Other States & Canadian provinces                               (800) 762-3929                   


Large LTL or Truckload - 6,001 lbs. & Above                    DM Transport. Mgmt. Services

& Expedited Services                                                        dispatch@dmtrans.com


If the selected carriers cannot pick up directly from your point of origin, contact DM.  Special purchase order instructions or delivered pricing agreements will override the above.  Please direct any traffic questions, routing problems, or service issues to DM Transportation Management Services.                 


DM Transportation Management Services is a full service logistics company serving the Direct Marketing and Retail industries.


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